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Safety on the ground, reducing slip and fall incidents are inseparable from non-slip floor mats


Injuries happen from time to time around the world. According to relevant reports, in the statistics of accident causes, the proportion of injuries caused by slipping rose to the second place immediately after a traffic accident. Litigation for damages continues.
All kinds of public places will inevitably clean the floor, but only the anti-skid warning is not enough. In order to avoid or mitigate possible legal risks, anti-skid measures must be taken effectively. Slip and fall injuries have become a common concern of the public.

In disputes where guests slip and get injured in hotels, schools, shopping malls, etc., it's easy to see that the lobby, bathroom, and restroom are the biggest dangers. Usually hotels will set up reminder slogans and promotional boards inside the hotel to prevent customers from sliding. However, people still slip and fall due to force majeure in the face of the eye-catching "Beware of slipping" signs. Accident compensation, legal action, public ill effects followed. Therefore, the slip-proof notification alone is not enough. In order to avoid the danger of sliding, effective anti-skid measures must be taken to improve the safety of the floor, minimize the risk, and protect employees and customers.

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