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Why use a mouse pad?


1. I use one for smooth scrolling when gaming. It's the most obvious FPS game. Also, the feet of the mouse with proper pads last longer
2. My MX revolution songs on my mat have less drag than on my desk, and last, slip longer time. So for the same reason I use one as above. I use Artisan Shiden-Kai, rubber base + cloth pad.
3. I found no use of the mousepad logo or worn on the desk
4. Moving the mouse over a good cloth pad is more Smooth and silent compared to using it on a desk (at least any desk I've seen). Most cloth touchpads have good contact. Note, I'm not a gamer.
5. Not only smooth, but also allows more precise movement, which is very important for games and Photoshop or similar applications.
The feel of it is very important. It seems that most cloth pads are not precise enough, but the good G/P-TF and Craftsman lines are very good.
6. I feel the mouse is smooth when using it, even when my wrist, just depends on my pad, soft, not my wrist pain
7. As I picked up my mouse, the restraint of the mouse pad dropped and felt so harsh. I use their cheap $5 mouse at work and it's pretty visibly sticky/dirty on your mouse's feet very quickly. So I have to wipe it off every 2-3 days. Somehow my entertainer Shiden (upholstered) at home I never had this problem, not sure why lol.
8. Basically yes you are not limited to table surface types. You can buy the type of metal shackle finish you want. If you want more control? Cloth pads. If you want super fast? A hard mouse pad. Somewhere in between? Get a hybrid pad (artist Shiden). If you don't care? I think, then you're not here if you don't care
9. It makes teflon feet wear faster. I've also had some laser mice that used to be really finicky on surfaces that tracked best, so certain mouse pads help with better traction.
10. To add another point, I often take my rigs to LAN, races, and friends' houses, and it feels great to have a consistent feel. You may be used to the smoothness of your desk, but another desk may be really gritty, or a different material etc.

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