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Tips for purchasing floor mats


floor matsBe careful when buying, there are some low-quality and irregular manufacturers' paper< span style="font-size: 16px;">floor mator foil Floor matsas geothermal heatingfloor mats, these two kinds of floor mats have obvious defects in geothermal, which directly lead to damage to the quality of the floor. Under the erosion of long-term geothermal evaporation moisture, the paper floor mat will gradually rot, lose the moisture-proof effect of the floor mat, and damage the floor. The use of aluminum foil floor mats will seriously affect the thermal efficiency. Geothermal heating does not involve convection, so the heat of the geothermal system achieves the heating effect through conduction and radiation, but the aluminum foil of the aluminum foil mat reflects the heat back to the ground, so that the heat radiation cannot reach the living room, which affects the heating effect. , and waste of energy.

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