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What are the characteristics of mobile phone anti-skid pads


1. The mobile phone anti-skid pads are mainly made of PU material, PVC material and silicone material. They have super adsorption capacity, and the items on it will not appear if they vibrate strongly in time. Slip situation. Among them, the PU material mobile phone anti-skid pad has good environmental protection performance and strong stickiness, but its color is relatively small. The anti-skid pad for mobile phones made of rubber has strong stickiness, and the decorative performance is not strong at the price.

2. With the development of science and technology, mobile phone anti-skid pads have various shapes and functions. There are various kinds of anti-skid pads with beautiful patterns such as cartoon shapes and animal shapes on the market. It has certain decorative performance, and it also has various functions such as induction flashing. Generally, the anti-skid points of mobile phones are more durable and easy to clean.

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