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The service life and maintenance methods of floor mat manufacturers


1. Carpet life cycle cost

The total life cycle cost of a carpet is calculated by dividing the sum of the basic manufacturing cost, installation cost, additional costs during installation, and maintenance costs by the age of the carpet. How long a rug will last depends largely on the affordability of its appearance. In order to maintain a good appearance, certain types of carpets must pay 60% higher maintenance costs than ordinary carpets. Therefore, the long-term savings in maintenance costs are enough to offset the huge investment that would have been used to purchase high-quality carpets.

2. Carpet maintenance and expenses

A carpet's lifespan is affected by many factors, such as the carpet's manufacturing quality, fibers, texture, type, color, pattern, padding, use, application, and maintenance requirements. It can be seen how important the correct maintenance method is to prolong the service life of the carpet. If there is no meticulous carpet maintenance program or just an occasional maintenance, its appearance must be faster and more serious than the daily maintenance of the carpet. Therefore, maintenance and maintenance costs may change at any time, and it is really difficult to budget. Taken together, the sum of these expenditures often exceeds budget and program maintenance expenditures. Facts show that effective maintenance measures can extend the life cycle of carpets. The longer the life of the carpet, the lower its annual cost.

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