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The origin of the mouse pad


A mouse pad, the advertisement has been that many people never pay attention to the product, today, the change is very big, but many people still don't understand what kind of change the mouse pad can bring. A lot of people think it's just a little mouse under the pad, you can even use paper or something to replace it, especially now in the age of optical mice, the mouse can be used directly on the desktop.
The mouse pad is used first because when the mouse is mechanically designed, there is a ball at the bottom of the mouse at the beginning. During use, the interface is slightly rough, which will affect the use of the mouse. The mouse pad can not only make the mouse use more stable, but also prevent the mouse ball from entering the dust and affecting the accuracy.
Although now is the era of optical mouse, the ability of the mouse has been very good, but for some users, the mouse pad is very important. For example, game users and professionals who require very good precision and stability need a good mouse pad when using a mouse.

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