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Which is the best mouse pad, natural rubber or reclaimed rubber?


If we put the price aside, the common mouse pads on the market include reclaimed rubber, silicone, synthetic rubber, pure natural rubber, etc. Which do you think is the best? Believe you It's clear to see the difference after reading what I said, because each different mouse pad has its own advantages. Experts believe that the biggest role of pure natural mouse pads is dirt resistance, easy cleaning, and environmental protection. That is to say, the first purpose of choosing a mouse pad is dirt resistance, easy cleaning, and environmental protection. Here, we will demonstrate through experiments which mouse pad is the most practical.

Test description: The first thing to emphasize is that we only tested two aspects of "dirt resistance and easy cleaning" this time, so the test results show the best ranking

Test items and description

This test product selects more reclaimed rubber and pure natural rubber second-class mouse pads for our customers. Of course, there are other types of mouse pads, such as silicone, synthetic glue, nitrile glue, etc. The main reason why they are not included in this evaluation item is that most customers already know that this type of mouse pad is the most difficult to clean, so there is no need to take it out for testing, and secondly because many customers have reported that this type of mouse pad The pad smells a lot, so considering environmental protection, rubber such as silicone is not the object of this evaluation. The most common situations in our daily life to make the mouse pad dirty are: when eating, or dirt such as soot. Therefore, in this test, we mainly simulate these situations.

Test items 1 and 2 are mainly to fiddle with the mouse pad and make it as dirty as it gets.

After identifying several test items, we then started to "break the ground" on each mouse pad. Maybe the article has been introduced here, and the customer has already predicted the answer, so what kind of mouse pad do you think is the most environmentally friendly and resistant to dirt? Let's look down.

Testing process of pure natural rubber and reclaimed rubber mouse pads

1. Pure natural rubber

Pure natural rubber is also widely used in daily life, because most of them choose this kind of mouse pad, and it will not look old after a long time. The surface is also not easy to fall off, tasteless, the most important thing is dirt resistance, easy cleaning, and environmental protection.

 2. Recycled rubber

From the test, it can be seen that the general gray stains are easily integrated into the reclaimed rubber, and its waterproof performance is OK, but it is not environmentally friendly. Maybe just looking at the surface, most customers will think that reclaimed rubber is the easiest to hide dirt, but whether this is really the case, you can only see the actual measurement results. It can be seen from the second experiment that stains such as wet mud and soot are regenerated. Most of the glue is attached to the mouse pad surface, and will not be sucked by the mouse pad pad.

Test Summary

Pure natural rubber can not only be washed clean, but also used for a long time. Not only will there be no stains on the surface of pure natural rubber, but also the waterproof effect is very good. Good reclaimed rubber, after a period of use, the resilience of the reclaimed rubber will decrease. Therefore, in the face of mixed mouse pads on the market, how to choose a good mouse pad is not a problem at all.

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