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What are the advantages of floor mats?


(1) The suede of the fabric is made of Japanese raw materials with a hair height of about 15MM (general floor mats do not have such high hair), the touch is very soft and comfortable, and the back glue is selected Natural LatexCoated, non-toxic, odorless, non-textured, non-sticky, non-mold , is the most advanced in China;

(2) Water absorption, dust absorption, good anti-skid performance;

(3) It is easy to clean, suitable for lavage, can be directly put into the washing machine for washing, and can be washed by hand without deformation, hair removal, or fading, and the rubber surface should be protected from direct sunlight;

(4) The product has no peculiar smell, has passed the national environmental protection inspection, and is an inspection-free product;

(5) No fading, wear-resistant grade 4 or above, washing fastness grade 3 or above.

The laying of the floor can increase the beauty, the personalized floor mat can also enhance the corporate image, it can also increase the comfort, and can reduce the cleaning cost, because it can be within a certain range Block dust and moisture.

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