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How to judge the quality of the mouse pad?


1. The hand feel is the comfort of using the mouse on it. This varies from person to person, I prefer cloth pads. The biggest reason why glass mats are not popular is the hand feel. It is full of sweat in summer and cold in winter.

2. The compatibility with the mouse is not necessarily an expensive mouse pad. It is not necessarily suitable for all mice. If it is not suitable, there will be frame loss or difficulty in moving the mouse pointer. The photoelectric or infrared positioning principle of the mouse is related. Generally, this situation occurs on the mouse of special material.

3. Life and protection of the mouse, depending on the life of the mouse pad itself and the degree of wear on the corners of the mouse pad, the cloth pad has a relatively strong ability. Although the life is not very long, the wear on the corner of the mouse pad is minimal. If the pad corner of the optical mouse is severely worn, the positioning will be inaccurate.

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